Space Is The Place

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be starting a brand new radio show here in Leeds, on Leeds Student Radio! Keeping on with the space/jazz theme, it will be called Space Is The Place, and will be live to air on Friday nights from 11 PM to midnight GMT (so from 6-7 pm back home).

The show will be in much the same line as Astral Travelling, without a set theme, playing by mood and all that, only on a shorter time scale. Might get a bit more leftfield on this show; playing late-90s hip-hop / downtempo / drum and bass / space jazz (if the mood strikes me!). I’m hoping to get some guest mixes in to the show as well. As of writing, I don’t know if Astral Travelling is going to continue until the next summer or possibly September/October of next year, so in the event the show goes on hiatus, this will be there to back it up. This website will continue to be updated, as will the site. I might get a tumblr as well just for the show, but perhaps that’s too confusing? Thoughts?

To keep on the theme I appear to have stumbled upon, I saw WNYU’s resident space boffin Tim Sweeney DJ at this loft space in Leeds on Saturday. Had mixed feelings about it, as the place was barely half filled, the sound system had a bit too much reverb for my liking, and the DJs just before him played stuff that, while decent, was way too track-y and big-room for the crowd, so by the time Tim got on, he was playing to a lethargic half-empty room (and he was already looking a bit peaky, having just flown in from Moscow and flying out to New York in mere hours). He played some solid tracks, including Rebolledo’s excellent re-edit of Yello’s Bostich and Boney M’s “Daddy Cool“, which really got everybody going again.

For those of you in Leeds, I recommend checking out a few shows this weekend. On Friday, there’s MK and Scottie Deep at The Faversham (1-5 Springfield Mount, 11 pm – 5 am, $10), and Jazzanova at Wire (2-8 Call Lane, 10 pm – 5 am, $10). On Saturday, there’s Tevo Howard and Geddes at a secret location (10 pm – 6 am, $10) and Chez Damier & Brawther at Stinky’s Peephouse (1 Brick Street, 10:30 pm – 8 am, $12).

So, don’t forget to tune in Friday night for a dose of space beats! And, er, keep on tuning in Tuesday nights, just to be on the safe side 🙂


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