Upcoming guest mix from Grossberger

After far too long, we have another guest mix on the show, this time from Jim Little, aka Grossberger (seen here in a file photo defying the laws of gravity). Jim grew up in the Chicago area in the early 80’s, raised on a steady diet of funky jams beamed out over radio stations like WGCI and WBMX, home of the infamous Hot Mix 5 crew. Old enough to get in the clubs in the late ’80’s, he caught the House bug just as the Second Wave rolled in and was a fixture in clubs like the Smart Bar, Berlin, Foxy’s, and the Boom Boom Room. But all good things come to an end, and he was just about to write off the scene for dead when he discovered the 3 Chairs and met Jus-Ed in Detroit at Movement in 2006.

A passionate bedroom jock, Grossberger spun out once in NYC with Ed, Anthony Parasole, and DJ Qu at the Club House party. But for the most part his job as a Bakery R&D manager, developing products for the world’s largest food companies, keeps him busy enough (“bread pimpin’ ain’t easy!”) that music will likely remain just a passionate hobby for the foreseeable future. He has definitely delivered the goods, both in baked and musical form; he’s given us an excellent hour-and-a-bit of proper Detroit beatdown.


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