Upcoming guest mix from Dylan Thompson

This will be the first in a string of episodes with guest mixes. This first one is from Dylan Thompson, the boom DJ from the Widnes City, and fellow contributor at Hush House. He’s put together a excellent mixtape for the show. Here are his own words on the mix:

This is a mix I put together with Astral Travelling in mind, more than anything else really. Being a big fan of Jason’s mixes I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to record one of my own! I feel I may have tried to be a little too hyper-eclectic with my selections but I think the end result is a rather fun and interesting blend of tracks I’m into at the moment.

As far as my influences go, I’ve recently become absolutely obsessed with Kompakt, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Michael Mayer for the first time in Croatia over the summer. I’m also going to Berlin for the first time in July, something of a pilgrimage.

My favourite DJs are all real music fiends – DJs’ DJs, if you will – the likes of Prosumer, Tim Sweeney, Ben UFO, they all share the same disregard for what’s ‘cool’ in dance music, and instead just play timeless, quality music.

The mix was done in Ableton Live for maximum accuracy – I’m not much of a DJ to be honest and there’s no way I could have pulled this off on a pair of turntables. I’d rather just leave it to the professionals!

I’ve tried to emulate his mixtape vibe on my bits, so the first half of the show will be experimental, and the second half is all about the groove.



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