Upcoming guest mix from the Cybernetic Orchestra

Next week’s episode will be broadcast live from the atrium of the student center, as part of McMaster’s Welcome Week, and will be the first proper live episode since I left for Leeds. I am pleased to announce that, in tandem with this, there will also be the first actual live set on the show, by the McMaster Cybernetic Orchestra. I was a member of this group in 2nd year and will be returning this year.

A live coding and digital electronics ensemble led by Dr. David Ogborn, the Orchestra creates experimental vibrations using homebrew and freeware programs, and has performed around Hamilton, Toronto, and Montreal

I can’t say what to expect from the Orchestra, except they will be performing improvised pieces and I will be interviewing them about what goes on and any future plans. We will likely have a jam session (laptop/turntable/sampler) for the latter half of the show.

Finally, I don’t know what the quality of this program will be like. As we are in a large indoor space, there will be significant crowd noise and reverb, so bear with us if the quality isn’t as up to scratch. As of next week, I will be back in the CFMU studio as per the usual.

For more information, visit the Cybernetic Orchestra website.

(The image was taken from our March 2011 performance at Concordia University in Montréal; from left to right: Andrew O’Connor, Chris Aucoin, Kearon Roy Taylor, Aaron Hutchison, David Ogborn, myself, Alyssa Lai, Elise Milani)


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