Upcoming guest mix from Doc†erre

And now for something completely different…and I do mean different. Tomorrow’s guest mix comes to us from Harvey Coleman aka Doc†erre (seen on the right smashing it with DJ partner-in-crime and all around top bloke Dan Williams (aka P∆RTY M∆CHINE) at Strange Parade in Leeds), who is originally from Liverpool but is presently stationed down in Mayotte. It’s unlike anything we’ve played before on the show. Here’s some words from the man himself:

I should preface this mix with an apology: it was mixed at 4.30 am the night before I moved to a small French département d’outre-mer in the Indian Ocean, about a month ago. I re-recorded it a week ago, but then my laptop was stolen, so this is all I have unfortunately. I hope you can forgive the some of the blends and enjoy the selection nonetheless.

With this mix, I was aiming for a cohesive and yet eclectic selection – in the spirit of Astral Travelling, made up of what I’ve been listening to recently. There’s some house, hip-hop, garage and whatever-we’re-calling-electronic-music-at-140-bpm-these-days in there, including a (unmixed and unmastered, I’m afraid) Gucci Mane remix of mine.

There are a couple tracks of Southern US rap tracks on here that I suppose would be classified as ‘trap’ by some. I’m not about to dig into 140 bpm’s latest trend, I had in fact been looking forward to a convergence between the two genres and I’ve heard some great incorporations of ‘trap beat’ characteristics. That said, I’ve also heard some lazily programmed hi-hats and pitch-shifting snares.
I’ve started working with some local MCs out here, so keep an eye out for whatever that ends up as.

It remains to be seen if trap-beat will become the new big thing, if it isn’t already. Hopefully will get some kids turned on to DJ Screw…

So, yeah, then I’ll likely follow by breaking out the old 2-step/garage records for the last half of the show. That should turn out splendidly.


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