Dance ‘Til The Police Come (Week of January 7, 2013)

So I figure that since I like to announce events going on in Toronto/Hamilton during the shows, I’ll start a new weekly with event recommendations for the week ahead. The title? Relevant, a bit risky, and references dance music in someway. It works, basically.

Anthony Naples + Huerco S
Drake Hotel / Toronto
10 PM / $10

anthony naples

A bit late on this one as it’s today, but if you’re still undecided as to what to do – these two young rising producers of outsider house/techno are a well-decent bet. I happen to have a connection to Anthony Naples through us both being affiliated with the Mister Saturday Night parties in some capacity. He released the debut release on their MSN record label “Mad Disrespect”, which was held in rightful esteem in the end of year charts. He has another upcoming release on MSN, as well as one for Trilogy Tapes in the near future. Huerco S, meanwhile, is a Kansas City native and fellow producer in the weird techno milieu. I played his new remix of Jay Weed recently (released on 3024 Records). Support comes from local stalwarts/acid freaks Nacho Lovers. Safe to say, if you like to have a bit of oddity with your dance, they will stand and deliver.

Tickets are $10 and it starts at 10 PM.
Drake Hotel: 1150 Queen West (near Dovercourt) // Streetcars: 501 Queen + 511 Bathurst // Subway: Osgoode


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