Dance Til’ The Police Come (Week of February 18, 2013)


Ron Morelli

Black Box / Toronto

10 PM / $10-15


Drake Hotel / Toronto

11 PM / $10

This Ain’t Hollywood / Hamilton
9 PM / $15-18


It’s no secret that we’re fans of L.I.E.S. here at Astral Towers, so the news that label head Ron Morelli was making a Toronto appearance was definitely worthy of mentioning. I’m in New York so I won’t be there (although I will be at the Peter Van Hoesen party tonight to make up for not seeing him in Toronto last week (and because he’s awesome)). Get yr techno/weird fix here.


If something a bit more disco is up your line, Evening Standard have got JKriv (from Escort and Deep&Disco fame) to deliver a beatdown of beatdown and disco edits at the Drake. They’re both basically a 5-10 minute walk away from each other, as well, so you get the best of both worlds.


And if you’d prefer a dash of melancholia with your groove, Trust is making a Hamilton appearance at This Ain’t Hollywood with support from Brooklyn (via Eraas) and locally (via Jessy Lanza).

Tickets for Ron Morelli are $15 at the door (and $10 on RA) and it starts at 10 PM.
Tickets for JKriv are $10 at the door and on RA and it starts at 11 PM.
Tickets for Trust are $18 at the door (and $15 from The Brain and Dr. Disc) and it starts at 9 PM.

Black Box Theatre: 1087 Queen West (at Dovercourt) // Streetcars: 501 Queen + 511 Bathurst // Subway: Osgoode

Drake Hotel: 1150 Queen West (near Dovercourt) // Streetcars: 501 Queen + 511 Bathurst // Subway: Osgoode
This Ain’t Hollywood: 345 James North // Buses: 1 King, 2 Barton, 5 Delaware, 51 University


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