Upcoming guest mixes from O/H & Processor.



Tonight we have a special double guest mix session from O/H and Processor. O/H is a new collaboration between Dave Foster (Huren, Teste, etc.) and Rich Oddie (Orphx, Oureboros, etc.). These veterans of industrial noise and fringe techno filth are aiming for new levels of sonic degradation and ritualized catharsis. O/H performances range from fields of droning harmonics to pummeling waves of rhythm and noise, with an emphasis on volume and confrontation. They released their joint debut EP on the Italian label Violet Poison, and have released separately on Surface Limited, Hands Productions, Sonic Groove, Zhark, and Plus 8, among others. Processor is the side project of M Joakim and Lorenz Peters, the Toronto-based record store owner and member of The Things, Bay Of Creatures, and Les Fontaines. They’re presently touring Eastern Canada to promote their new self-titled vinyl release on the Paper Plus Sound label.

Processor will be performing on Thursday April 3 at HAVN (26 Barton Street East), alongside Doghat, Jahtism, and Creative Rotting.

O/H will be performing on Friday April 4 at The Baltimore House (43 King William Street), alongside SINS, and Vierance. I will be DJing before/between/after the bands.


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