Upcoming guest mix from Andrew Ross


After another guest-mix hiatus, tonight’s show will feature a mix from Andrew Ross. 1/2 of Nacho Lovers – the Toronto outfit that have remixed Chromeo, Alexander Robotnick, and Jacques Greene among others – Andrew also runs the Love Below parties at Bambi’s on Dundas West. The night promises “codeine techno + hypno house + subterranean atmosphere […] music made by machines (and people) moving in slow motion”.

His mix for the show is a bit different, more uptempo, but still a superb selection. In his words, “it’s more than just pressing play and recording some tunes. I did put thought into it. I do kind of try to take off soft and land soft like an airplane usually. take you up and bring you back down, safe and sound. It was fun to break out of the Love Below mode of mixing from like 100-120 bpm. I guess this mix might represent more of the last half hour of the party whereas the love below mixes try to condense the first 4 hours of the party into a mix.”


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