Upcoming guest mix from Princevali

Not long after I moved back to New York after graduation, I ran into Jordan Juras through mutual acquaintances; he was from the Hamilton area and was studying for a masters at NYU, and did some parties in Brooklyn as Sedan Sedan with another mutual friend, Stephan Kimbel. I hung around the WNYU studios near my apartment while he and Stephan hosted their show Five Star Radio on Monday nights, just before this show aired. I played on the show in February 2016 (link will be here soon!); we both left New York roughly around the same time – me to London and him to Montréal and then Berlin, where he’s based now. He’s the current host of Innerstate 87 on n10.as in Montréal, and also involved with the Drone-Übernachtung project at modular+. I hope to get a proper interview with him up soon when I’ve finished moving, but for now he’s got some things to say about this special mix he made for us – merci Jordan!

The mix was inspired by a great feeling that I shared with some friends a few weeks ago dancing. Príncipe did a label night on a Friday in Säule. First time there, and things were a bit dry for the first few hours when we arrived – some of the group left. Then DJ Lilocox stepped up and opened the place right up. It was quite spectacular, packed with rhythms that aren’t usually played in Berghain. The music in this mix isn’t so much emulating what Lilocox played but rather chasing that feeling: shirts off and lighting it up! But can’t keep that energy forever in the earbuds so the mix chills right out. Shouts out to Danji Buck-Moore – a track in the chill out is his composition for Henning Fehr and Philpp Rühr’s “Leisure Time Future: The Rattlesnake”, Toshi Moriguchi for the last track, and to Ursula Xanadu for bringing me out to dance to Lilocox and Príncipe <3. Recorded with two turntables and a mixer at Ziegrastraße 1.

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