Upcoming guest mix from Choozey

For only the second time in the show’s run (not since Andi Hanley back in 2014) there will be a guest playing for the entire show – this time it’s Choozey from Persons (based in Hamilton and Montréal) with a brain-melting selection taking in juke, drum n bass, techno, house, slow jams, Prince, and curveballs. Here’s what they have to say:


“I’ve separated myself from everything that in general you call life. I’ve concentrated entirely on the music, and I’m preoccupied with the planet […] I’ve abandoned the habitual and my previous life is of no significance anymore. I don’t remember when I was born. I’ve never memorized it. And this is exactly what I want to teach everybody: that it is important to liberate oneself from the obligation to be born […] because whoever is born has to die.” – Sun Ra

Easter. Hibernation. Hermes’ underworld journey … our story begins like most: at the end, tracing backwards and through. Labyrinthine, a circular progression towards centre, source. More often than not, progression is the elaborate guise of regression, birth but a foil to the continuous process of death.

Death is just another word for transformation and often becomes a vessel – a berth, a tomb, a living room … for a time we must occupy a hidden space where we might empty and renew parts of our Self. Sometimes dissolving into another allows us to release what is not needed in Becoming.

“I’m living in an idea, an idea from another man’s mind” – Frank Ocean, from ‘Seigfried’

Perhaps, it is while underground we are
like roots intertwined in rapt embrace or bloodlines
surging in the thrall of merging,
able to truly connect to an other,
each other.

Before we emerge singular,
bathed in our own light


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