Upcoming guest mix from Karl Meier

With the show’s end in less than a month I’m delighted to finally have someone I’m supremely jazzed about. One of the kindest and most supportive artists I know, Karl Meier has had a long history in dance music, starting out in Chicago with later stints in Berlin and the West Midlands, known for expertly sequenced and driving sets of techno, industrial, and post punk. Half of the noise/post-punk-indebted project Talker alongside Jon Stave, he also runs the label Standards and Practices alongside his brother Ken, a DJ and graphic designer who is responsible for The Bunker’s posters and label work. I recommend his Playing Favourites piece for Resident Advisor, and his podcasts for The Bunker, Mysteries Of The Deep, and Tresor.

For this mix Karl has given us a non-dancefloor mix of dark ambient, kosmische, synthetic, and mostly beatless sounds that is probably one of the most quietly disorienting and disturbing mixes I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. Here are some words from him about it.

“Since I hadn’t done a more listening-music-oriented mix since the mix I did for Mysteries Of The Deep a few years back, I thought this would be a nice opportunity to do so. Initially, I was going to focus on older music and influences, but I thought that some newer music would slot in perfectly – especially the Marcelus and Burnt Friedman pieces – so I figured that there was no need to do that. Hope you enjoy!”

Karl plays at the Blank Code Movement Pre-Party at The Works in Detroit on May 25th, and at About Blank in Berlin on June 8/9.

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